How it Works

Process Intro

On a regular basis (End of The Cycle as seen above), CBank Wholesale places a Bulk Order with our international distributor. Because of the Quantity ordered, we are able to get it at really low costs – and with that foundation, this Epic Model was formed.

Just because we buy in huge quantities to get the awesome pricing benefits – does not mean you also need to buy big to save big. Our wholesale offerings start from just 25 Seeds!

When you place your pre-order, you join a seeds pool of other CBank Wholesale customers – Rallying together these orders on a regular, enables us to bring those premium seeds, to your doorstep – at a fraction of regular cost!

The Cycle

We run The Cycle on a Monthly basis – A window during which Customers can place their orders before that window is closed. Once we Close the Cycle, we then place the Mass Quantity order from our distributor. Arrival of the order thereafter, typically takes between 7 – 11 business days. We also Guarantee Delivery to us, so that you don’t worry about whether it will arrive or not.

Once we have received the stock, we then distribute it out to the customers of that cycle.
Delivery of your order can be expected between 2 – 4 business days thereafter.

ETA Times will be displayed for all Registered Users to refer to for delivery expectancy.

Pick you Gene

Add your selected genetic(s) that you would like from our Wholesale Store to your cart, in your preferred quantity(s):

Category100 Packs:
25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1000

Category200 Packs:
200, 500, 1000

Category500 Packs:
500, 1000

Once satisfied with your selection, you move onto Checking Out your Pre-Order.


Download The Full Strain List


50% Deposit

After checking out, your New Order is sent to your Email. In that Email, you will find all of relevant details for making your deposit payment.

One of the many benefits offered with this service, is that we only require 50% of your total order amount as a deposit – The balance is then only required upon delivery.

Square the Balance

Upon delivery of your product, we then require the 50% balance of your order.

You will receive an email detailing this for easy reference and payment.

After the payment has been cleared, all of the additional benefits that you receive from your order, is then sent / applied to you.

Keep Checking in

We encourage you to return to our site regularly, as we will often be providing awesome giveaways and prizes – Seeds, grow stuff, 420 things and even international getaways!

After agreeing to receiving our CB Wholesaler newsletter, you are kept up to date with the happenings at CBank Wholesaler.

Happy Harvesting,

CBank Team
“Quality Planted, is Quality Harvested”